Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gluten free = Expensive

I saw GF crumpets for sale at the expensive cost of just over $9 for 4, then tonight on tv I saw that one of the supermarkets is selling 'normal' crumpets for $0.99 and they had more in the packet, why are GF ones so much more expensive?

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Readers of my blog will know that I absolutely love my local IGA, they have the best selection of GF foods that I have ever come across in one place (ok except for at the GF expo's). The store has been closed for the last 2 months doing reno's on the place and finally re-opened on Thursday and it couldn't have come soon enough in my opinion. I went to the store straight after work and brought some GF lollies, neenish tarts, choc covered rice cakes, carrot cake mix and carrots ... hmmm yes I did buy lots of junk food, but couldn't find the cheese balls not sure if they don't stock them anymore or have just moved them, will go back soon and check it out when there are less people around, it seems the whole town was waiting for the IGA to re-open. SO happy :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

GF mini dounts

I brought a donut maker yesterday from KMart for only $9 so of course I wanted to make donuts today. I brought a donut flour mix from Fairley's and made up the mixture, below is a photo of what I started with:

Here is a photo of my end product:

This is only half the mixture, I have 2 sandwich bags full of donuts left over which I am going to try and freeze.

YUM, YUM!!!  :)


Here is a photo of the brownies I made for a morning tea that we had at work. I made them from Woolworths macro brand, packet mix and they tasted SO good!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well and Good - bread from a packet

Here is what the Well and Good (packet mix) bread looks like once cooked ... well my version of it anyway. It's not as good as Dr Schar bread, but it's not awful either, overall I would give it a 6.5 out of 10 (it loses points for the amount of time I had to wait for it to prove) :-p

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A day of High's and Low's

Yesterday was such a mixed day in my gluten free life. Since I have moved back to Victoria I have been ordering my Schar products on-line from Werribee and have just been buying the foods that are sold in Coles and Woollies.

The High:

I went to Fairley's IGA (http://www.fairleys.com.au/index.html) as some of the girls at work had told me that they sell a lot of GF foods their and OMG they were right!!! They have Schar products, as well as the Irresistible lolly range that I like, Byron Bay Triple Choc Cookies, the standard frozen stuff, as well as so many more pre-packed foods PLUS they have already made GF products in the bakery section!!! They had apple pie, apricot pie, lamingtons, swiss roll, chicken and beef pies, rum balls, cakes OMG I was in heaven!!! I can't believe I have never been to this store before. If you are ever looking for me, try this store first before anything else, I think I am going to move in!!!

The Low:

I went for dinner last night at the Shepparton RSL and had the Chicken Avocado after the lady at the register checked with the chef asking if the sauce had flour in it. She said that it didn't so I ordered my meal and got a receipt, the receipt even had the words 'Gluten Free' written on it. Once the meal arrived I ate it and it tasted quite nice. Not too long after I had a reaction to it had to frequent the toilets their quite a few times. In the end Mum and Lionel were waiting at the front door for me as they were wanting to go home so we made the dash home hoping that the urge to go to the toilet didn't it (which it didn't thankfully), once home I had to sit on the porcelain bowl for a little while longer till it was all out of my system. What a sucky end to such an exciting GF related day :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

11 years prison for a man who sold fake gluten free products

Check out this article (link below). 11 years prison for a man who sold products saying they were gluten free when they weren't.

Man who sold fake gluten free products